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4 Ingredient Oreo Dessert

I am such a slacker! Last weekend, I posted a cup of coffee on social media as a teaser for this recipe! I wrote a draft of this article but never added the pictures and published it! That will lead to my next post about to-do lists. I’m in the market for an app for that so if anyone can hook a girl up, let me know! Anyways… anyone who knows me knows I LOVE coffee. What better way to use coffee at 10pm than in an oreo dessert! I was inspired by a recipe I found on Crafty Recipes – it is insanely super easy and really on takes 4 ingredients!

As recommended, I opted for the Devil’s Food Cake because I knew it would pair nicely with the coffee ingredient.

You can use anything to poke the holes in the cake. I used the end of a frosting spatula.

Make sure to follow the directions when making the pudding in order for it to be the right consistency. I tried to use a smaller amount of milk, but had to add the rest to it because it was too thick at first.

How do you make this deliciousness you ask? Follow the directions below!


  • Chocolate Box Cake Mix (I used Devil’s Food Cake)
  • 2 4oz boxes of Oreo Cookies ‘N Cream Pudding
  • Crushed Oreos for topping
  • You will also need the ingredients listed on the box of the cake and pudding


  1. When mixing the ingredients for the cake, substitute the water with coffee. It makes it so much richer! So good!
  2. After you bake the cake, let it cool before you poke holes.
  3. Wait until you are ready to use the pudding before you mix it. This will allow it to not thicken up before you spread it over the cake.
  4. Pour the pudding over the cake and spread it into all of the holes.
  5. Refrigerate the cake for at least 2 hours.
  6. When you are ready to serve the dessert, take it out of the refrigerator and add the oreo toppings.

Let us know if you try this recipe! Doesn’t it sound amazing?

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