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Chalk Couture vs Oracle 813

Before I learned about Chalk Couture, I absolutely loved Oracle 813! Don’t get me wrong, I still love Oracle 813 for the personalized signs; however, Chalk Couture is SO much easier! In case you missed the live comparison, check out this cute 30 minute video where our 4 year old demonstrated Chalk Couture while I work with 813.

In the video, there were a few questions and products I wanted to address *Note: This post may contain affiliate links. It does not cost anymore to you, but I do get a small profit for you using my link.*

What is Oracle 813?
Oracle 813 is a stencil vinyl. Instead of weeding everything on the outside of the design like you do with other types of vinyls, you weed the actual design. When you place this on your board, it gives you a stencil. Some people use this method with Oracle 651, but it is so much easier with 813! You can get Oracle 813 here.

What type of transfer tape do you use?
I use to use the clear transfer tape that typically comes with a starter pack of vinyl. Then I found Paper Transfer Tape! This stuff is amazing! It is so much easier to work with and adheres to the vinyl better. If you are interested in using Paper Transfer Tape, you can get it here.

What kind of paint do you use on wooden boards?
I started out using acrylic paint until I tried chalk paint for the first time. Chalk paint is seriously amazing. It dries faster than acrylic. It is thicker than acrylic so it can be used with Chalk Couture templates. It gives cleaner lines when you paint with it. You can get Waverly Chalk Paint from your local Wal-Mart. You can also get a combo sample pack of FalkArt Chalk Paint here. or Americana Decore Chalky Finish Sampler Set here.

What do you use to paint the stencil?
Makeup sponges are where it’s at! Seriously, they work so well! You don’t need a lot of paint to do it. You can see how I use the makeup sponges in the video above. When you are finished painting, you can rinse them out and re-use them or throw them away because they are so cheap! You can get 100 pack here for less than $10!

How do you seal your signs?
If the sign is going to stay inside on the wall and not be touched much, I typically don’t seal it. However, if it is going outside or it is a holiday sign that will be moved to the attic, I like to seal it with Annie Sloan wax. You want to make sure you get the clear wax. This link is for a bigger jar so it will last you awhile.

Do you use any of these products? What are you most interested in trying?

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