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Dining Room DIY

I’ve done more crafts in the two years we have lived in this house than I have the whole time we have been married. That means our home is finally decorated. (Let’s not talk about the other houses that didn’t have curtains let alone decorations). The only room that was left to decorate was the dining room. Thanks to the 80-90% clearance at Hobby Lobby, I finally finished that room as well!
$20 Gold Mirror

This gold mirror was originally $100. I got it on sale for $20! On the next aisle I found this adorable painting that tied the gold right in with my dining room. The painting was originally around $100, but I got it for around $15.

Now to the DIY part of the post. I needed a way to tie that red in. Of course, in the clearance section I found a picture frame that matched it perfectly! So, I got some burlap and a small floral stem and created a cross. I wish I had gone with plain burlap or at least a different color, but I love how it turned out. I couldn’t find my hot glue gun, so this was a little tricky. Basically, lay the picture frame face down and wrap the burlap once vertically. Wrap it once horizontally to create a cross. *Make sure you cross closer to the top. Otherwise, you will have a plus sign.* Once you create the cross, wrap the end vertically around the center to gather the burlap up and tie it in place. Then, stick your floral where you like!

The last part of this post is the center piece for my dining room table. This is ridiculously easy. I got these candle holders and these candles. I found a burlap table runner to lay down. I had a vase at the house so all I needed was potpourri and my dining room table was complete!

What deals have you found in a clearance section that you just couldn’t pass up? Share with us in the comments below!


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