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Framing Wooden Sign DIY

Framed Wooden Signs are very popular decorations right now! Most people just run to the local Hobby Lobby and buy one from the wood section. However, there are those DIYers that love to make it themselves – and honestly it’s not that hard to do!

First, decide what size sign you want to use. Shane cut this sign to be 12×18. We’ve found that birchwood seems to be the best for signs.  Once you cut it and sand it, you can paint the sign that is going to be the front. I decided to go ahead and decorate my sign while Shane cut the frame.

When you measure the frame (1×2), make sure you take into account the added length of the frame. I didn’t do that so that means Shane had to cut twice. Sorry, honey!

Once you’ve cut the frame, paint it or stain it. Once it is dry, line the frame around the sign. Use a nail gun to attach the 1x2s to the sign. And Voila! You have a beautiful framed wooden sign!

Have you framed a wooden sign before? If you try this tutorial, leave us a picture of the finished product and let us know what you think!

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