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Front Porch Signs

We had an order placed this weekend for a 6 foot sign for a front porch. We started with an 18 inches by 8 feet piece of wood we had leftover from a table we built. I cut it down to 6 feet and Shane cut 6 inches off the width. (Shane strongly recommends using goggles. We won’t talk about the saw dust that got in his eyes). Once you cut down the wood you are using, make sure you wipe it down really well. Any saw dust left will mix with the stain and leave an uneven coat.

When the board was clean, I stained it with Minwax English Chestnut. When staining, make sure you have something under the board to protect your floors from the stain. I used an old t-shirt to stain the sign. I opted for one layer to give the sign a distressed look.

Once the sign was completely dry, I painted “Welcome” on one side and “Blessed” on the back. This took several coats of white paint to completely cover the stain. After letting the letters dry for about an hour, I sprayed it with Krylon Polyurethane. Make sure you get one that is clear and will not turn your sign yellow!

What a great gift just in time for Christmas! If you are interested, you can order one here or you can make it yourself! If you do make one, be sure to leave a comment and a picture letting us know how it turned out!


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