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Mermaid Birthday Party

The princess is officially 4 years old! Hard to believe she’s in the little girl stage and out of the toddler phase. I was not planning on having a birthday party this year, but my little diva had other plans. She invited all of the church nursery before I was even aware there was going to be a party. One of the nursery workers text me in September to find out the details of the party. I told her we weren’t having a party and she said “Well, AB said everyone was invited to her mermaid birthday party in October.”
So, guess what we did!

We had a mermaid birthday party in October. Sigh.

I will have to say though – I’m super excited that she picked this theme. I had a blast making her decorations. I started with a seashell invitation. I really struggled with cutting them out. I figured out what was wrong on the very last invitation. Oh well, they’re still cute. 

Fortunately, her birthday party was the Saturday after my fall break, so I was able to spend my day off making her decorations. Seriously, how cute is this mermaid banner?!

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take pictures before the little mermaids and Pirates ate all of the food, but the signs are pretty self explanatory. 

And of course, no party is complete without the cake! 

Mermaids and Pirates were definitely a hit for this little girl and her friends! 


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