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The perfect party gift!

Some weekends you have nothing to do and some weekends you have 4 parties in the same day! This weekend is 4 parties in the same day kind of weekend for me. Baby showers, birthday parties, gender reveals… all great opportunities to show someone how much you love them! We like to make your job easier by providing you with the homemade gift you don’t always have time to make.

For the baby shower, I used a small board that I found at Michaels. I painted the background white and the outside brown. After the background dried, I laid the stencil of antlers and painted it brown to match the outside of the board. Finally, I laid the stencil for the name and painted it green to match the nursery.


The birthday girl is turning 2 and she loves pink! She is a precious baby girl. I painted the background of the board pink. I got this cute little board from Michael’s, as well. I painted her last initial purple and her name light pink. Then I painted a flower in purple and pink to match. This is going to be so cute in her room!

And finally we have the gender reveal. The mom chose chic for girl and woodland creatures for boy. Now, this won’t always go over so smoothly for gender reveals, but I just so happen to be an insider so I could have the board painted to match the theme. I can’t wait for mom to see how precious this board turned out! I painted the board white and the outside light blue. I painted the woodland creatures and for the letters I painted ombre light blue to darker blue. I am in love with this sign!


We love how adorable these signs turned out. If something catches your eye or you have a sign you want us to paint, send us an email or visit the store and we can get the order placed for you. Have a great weekend!


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