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What is Chalk Couture?

Silhouettes (and Cricuits) are fun. You can design basically anything and cut vinyl or stencils. The craftiness is limitless – time, however, is not! The process of cutting vinyl requires you to design it, cut it, weed it (ugh!), and then use it on whatever you are working on. Talk about time consuming! What if I told you there was an easier way? How would you like to make that sign, shirt, bag, gift, whatever in less than 10 minutes?

We are designers for a new company called Chalk Couture. I know, you hate direct sales – I do, too! But this is different! Chalk Couture sells silk screen vinyl that can be reused! The vinyl has an adhesive back that will give you up to 50 times use. The designs are insanely detailed – something way too detailed for you to attempt to weed.

When you sign up to be a designer, you get 40% off. The starter kit is $99 and includes One magnetic Framed Chalkboard, one round magnetic white chalkboard, 3 jars of chalk paste, 6 silkscreen transfers, a chalk couture apron, one large angled squeegee, small squeegee, 25 thank you cards and starter guide.

If you want to try it without committing, we are offering a Sample Kit on our VIP Facebook Page. You can also purchase straight from our Chalk Couture website.

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